A laughing and a crying eye after the VLN season finale


After the Frikadelli Racing Team was able to perfect the championship title in the Porsche Cayman GT4 (Type 981) at the last VLN race, Hendrik von Danwitz and "Jules" wanted to collect another good result before winter break. An accident two laps from the end prevented a conciliatory end of the season for the driver duo. Things were much better for Sabine Schmitz, who was able to enjoy sixth place in the heavily occupied production car class V4.

"Of course we wished Hendrik and" Jules "a good result at the end of the season. A pity, but I think that the bottom line is that the joy over the championship title outweighs. We have thus achieved our set goal for the season with the Porsche Cayman GT4. A big thank you on my part again to the two pilots and my entire team for the excellent performance, "summarizes team boss Klaus Abbelen.

For a long time it looked as if von Danwitz and "Jules" could secure "the icing on the cake". In qualifying, the driver duo not only placed the Porsche Cayman GT4 in the pole position in the 981 class but also in a strong fourth place in the Cup3 class. Start driver Danwitz showed in the first stint a brilliant performance and brought the vehicle to the top-3 of the class forward. His teammate "Jules" was also able to convince in the subsequent double stint with strong lap times, before he handed the cockpit back to von Danwitz for the final phase. An accident two laps to the finish brought the two pilots out of the race.

Sabine Schmitz, together with her brother Beat Schmitz and Andre Sommerberg, was able to secure this in the bulging production vehicle class V4. Finally, the driving trio Speedbeat Motorsport book a strong sixth place. A total of 28 vehicles were in the class at the start.

Voices after the weekend:
Hendrik von Danwitz (driver # 962 Porsche Cayman GT4):
"Of course we would have liked a better end to the season. I was on the inside and the other vehicle did not see me. A typical race accident in which we unfortunately damaged the radiator and had to give up. Still, I think we can look back on a fantastic season. Thanks again to the entire Frikadelli Racing Team for the great work. I felt comfortable from the first moment and absolutely did not regret this step. "

"Jules" (driver # 962 Porsche Cayman GT4): "It started very well for us, unfortunately we had in the final stages this unfortunate incident. The fact that we had the championship already sure, this loss can fortunately get over. In retrospect, I experienced a great first year in the VLN, as I could not have imagined better. It was a lot of fun together with Frikadelli Racing. "

Sabine Schmitz (driver # 477 BMW 325i E90): "Partly we had a lot of understeer today. Nevertheless, we can be very satisfied with our performance. We were in the Top 5 almost all the time and are happy to finishing the season with a good sixth place. Now "our Gisela" goes into well-deserved hibernation. "