Frikadelli Racing collects important test kilometres for the 24h race


At the 24h Qualifiers, Frikadelli Racing collected valuable data with the #1 Ferrari 296 GT3 with a view to the 24h race at the Nürburgring. Nicolas Varrone and Luca Ludwig finished sixth overall together on Saturday, Daniel Keilwitz and Felipe Laser were on a similar level on Sunday after a strong top qualifying.

"The weekend went quite satisfactorily for us. Above all, it was important for us to get used to the new Michelin tyres and to make the best possible use of the track time on both days to prepare for the 24-hour race. We managed to do that, and our three new drivers all fitted in very well with the team and, like Felipe, did a great job. I think we are well positioned for the 24-hour race and am looking forward to competing there with our team again," says Team Principal Klaus Abbelen.

Nicolas Varrone and Luca Ludwig shared the cockpit of the #1 Ferrari 296 GT3 during the first of two days of testing under race conditions. After Ludwig initially lost a few places from sixth on the grid in the early stages, he successfully worked his way back up the field in the following laps. His team-mate Varrone, who was driving a GT3 car on the Nordschleife for the first time, also put in a strong and promising performance afterwards. At the end of the four-hour race, the driver duo crossed the finish line in sixth place overall.

On race Sunday, Daniel Keilwitz and Felipe Laser took over the wheel of the #1 Ferrari 296 GT3, both of whom had been racing in the Michelin Le Mans Cup in Barcelona the day before. In top qualifying, Keilwitz placed "Bella 2.0" in a strong third position overall with a lap time of 8:10.571 minutes. In the race, the driver duo again lost a few positions at the start after an unfortunate hit at the rear. However, Keilwitz and Laser worked their way back up to sixth place in the #1 Ferrari 296 GT3. After falling 0.1 seconds short of the minimum pit stop time, Frikadelli Racing received a time penalty of 33 seconds in the final phase, so the decision was made to park the car and take it easy.

Next stop: Prototype Cup Germany at Spa-Francorchamps

The Frikadelli Racing team will continue next weekend with the season opener in the Prototype Cup Germany. Klaus Abbelen and Felipe Laser will share the wheel of the #30 Ligier JS P320.


Nicolas Varrone: "The 24h Qualifiers were incredibly important for us as a team in preparation for the 24h race.For me personally, it was my debut on the Nordschleife in a GT3 car and it was something very special.I would like to thank the team and my fellow drivers for their great support and I have the feeling that we are ready for the big race in June."

Luca Ludwig: "Apart from the start, it was a very clean race on Saturday and I think sixth place overall in this strong field is a respectable result. My compliments also to Nico, who did a great job. All in all, everything went well, although there are certainly still a few things we need to improve with regard to the 24-hour race.We will accept this challenge."

Daniel Keilwitz: "We saw the weekend primarily as a test run. Things went quite well for Nico and Luca on Saturday and we can also be satisfied with Sunday, despite a few minor issues.Now we have to analyse the data and draw the right conclusions for the 24-hour race so that we can perform well there too.The Ferrari 296 GT3 was very well prepared by the team, which is particularly evident from the result in top qualifying."

Felipe Laser: "We did very well with the setup work over the weekend and were able to test various things.I'm really looking forward to competing in the 24-hour race with my fast team-mates and hopefully being able to defend the title."

Klaus Abbelen: "To summarise, I was very satisfied with this weekend.Unfortunately, the starts in both races were not as I had imagined. After that, we found it very difficult to get back to the front, even though we were able to set similar lap times to the front runners. I am convinced that after further set-up adjustments we will be ready for the big race. Thanks to the whole team and also to my drivers."