Frikadelli Racing to adopt more aggressive strategy for VLN race eight


• Porsche customer team from Barweiler is ready for bolder strategies in order increase chances on a third VLN victory this year
• Lance David Arnold, Felipe Laser and team principal Klaus Abbelen will be racing the #30 911 GT3 R
• Norbert Siedler and Alex Müller teaming up as Pro crew in the #31 Porsche
• Klaus Abbelen: “Our drivers are absolutely tops; to win again we have to tackle the strategic aspects more aggressively”

After having missed victory in the last race of the Endurance Championship Nürburgring (VLN) two weeks ago by a very narrow margin, Frikadelli Racing is tackling the eight of nine VLN legs with an even stronger will to win. The cult team’s #30 Porsche 911 GT3 R will be shared by Felipe Laser (Leipzig, D), Lance David Arnold (Duisburg, D) and team principal Klaus Abbelen (Barweiler, D). In the #31 sister car, Norbert Siedler (Austria) and Alex Müller (Rees, D) will be forming a Pro line-up. Following second and fifth place in the seventh VLN race of the season, the team’s target for Saturday is clear: Abbelen and friends aim at their third win of the season.

“The last race showed that to win again, we have to be bolder and more aggressive with regard to strategy,” analyzes the team principal. “Lap times prove that our drivers are absolutely tops. We can’t gain anything more on that side. So we have to find the missing seconds by strategy. That’s why we are going to act more courageous. Apart from the usual work on the cars, we have optimized the suspension of the #30 car and improved a number of details on the #31 Porsche since the last race. We are aiming high as ever and want to win our third race of the season. If the second car will come second, it would be perfect and another highlight.”