Frikadelli Racing will not race their new Porsche 911 GT3 R on the Nordschleife for the time being


 • Team Pricipal Klaus Abbelen: “Current Balance of Performance destroys any chance of reasonable success”
• Performance of Frikadelli Porsche 911 GT3 R massively hampered by air restrictor ruling

Frikadelli Racing is cancelling any race starts with their Porsche 911 GT3 R in the Endurance Championship Nürburgring (VLN) and the 24-hour race at the Eifel circuit. The decision came due to the Porsche’s classification in the current “Balance of performance” (BoP) that was published on Monday. In the team’s view, the BoP deprives the Barweiler-based outfit of any chances of top positions in the Nordschleife races.

“The excess top speed and the lap time advantage of the other brands is so large that it makes no more sense for us to compete in our GT3 R”, states team owner and driver Klaus Abbelen. “We don’t go racing to just make up the numbers. We will only compete if we are allowed to fight for top positions at eye level against other GT3 cars.”

“Last year we even led the 24-hour race for quite a long time. This season, however, we are absolutely aware that such a feat is virtually impossible due to the regulations”, Abbelen continues. “There is no way to enjoy racing under these circumstances. That goes for ourselves in the cockpit as well as for our numerous fans who are supporting us along the circuit and following the team in front of the TV and via our social media channels. It is real shame, but under the prevailing conditions we don’t see any other option but to suspend racing with the Porsche.”


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