Mixed feelings after the 'double header'


The Frikadelli Racing Team experienced the first “double header” in the history of the Nürburgring endurance series with mixed feelings. Although it was possible to achieve sixth overall place and second place in the Pro-Am category in the Saturday race as the best-placed Porsche team, it was also confirmed in the third race that all nine-eleven could not keep up with the pace at the top due to the current BOP classification.

“Unfortunately, we are currently fighting with blunt weapons on the straights and are not able to beat the other manufacturers due to the top speed disadvantage. We now hope that the BOP classification will change as soon as possible because we are simply not competitive under these conditions, ”said team boss Klaus Abbelen, who was also able to gain something positive from the race weekend. “We made some progress during the double event and were able to collect valuable data. All pilots across the board were very satisfied with the further development in terms of vehicle setup. ”

The second round of the Nürburgring endurance series on Saturday began extremely unfavorably for the Frikadelli Racing Team because they missed the perfect time for a quick lap. Numerous code 60 phases had made it difficult to drive a fast lap on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Accordingly, the motto in the race was to start catching up.

Above all, Kévin Estre, Michael Christensen and Felipe Fernandez Laser were able to do this perfectly with the # 31 Porsche 911 GT3 R. From the 17th start position they worked their way forward and saw the checkered flag in sixth place overall after the four-hour distance. Her teammates Klaus Abbelen, Lance David Arnold and Alex Müller were also able to catch up some positions in the race with the # 30 Porsche 911 GT3 R and take second place in the Pro-Am category. Hendrik von Danwitz and “Jules”, who shared the Porsche Cayman GT4, fought for a long time for the podium in the strong Cup3 class. In the end, the British-German driver duo came fifth and do the fastest race lap.

In the third round of the Nürburgring endurance series on Sunday, the Frikadelli Racing Team was able to improve with the eighth and tenth overall position in qualifying, but this time the necessary racing luck should remain on the track. The # 31 Porsche 911 GT3 R had to drive to the pits after a creeping flat tire in the starting lap. As a result, Alex Müller and Michael Christensen had their hands full to fight their way through the traffic again. The 18th overall position was ultimately the maximum for the driver duo.

Lance David Arnold, Felipe Fernandez Laser and Klaus Abbelen fought with the sister vehicle for the lead in the Pro-Am classification. However, after technical problems in the # 30 Porsche 911 GT3 R were indicated in the final phase of the race, it was decided to park the car as a precaution. Hendrik von Danwitz and “Jules”, on the other hand, were able to improve awith the # 962 Porsche Cayman GT4. In the end, after a flawless performance, they crossed the finish line in fourth place in the Cup3 class.

More voices for the race weekend:

Michael Christensen: “We started from very far behind on Saturdays, but thanks to a flawless team performance we were able to move up to sixth overall place. In the third NLS run on Sunday, due to the creeping flat tire in the front left and the associated loss of time, a good placement was unfortunately out of reach early. We then used the remaining race time to gain more experience. "

Alex Müller: “On Saturday, we simply had no luck in qualifying with the many Code 60 phases. It was incredibly difficult for us to go forward in the race. Nevertheless, we did reasonably well. In the second race on Sunday, the creeping flat tire hit us right at the start. We were able to fight our way forward afterwards, but of course not that much was possible with this strong field of participants. I was very satisfied with the setup and preparation of the cars, many thanks to the entire team. Nobody can do anything for flat feet - that's just bad luck. ”

Felipe Fernandez Laser: “I was delighted to be able to travel the first kilometers of the Nordschleife this season with the Frikadelli Racing team. For me personally, it was also the first two races with the new Porsche 991.2. I think the sixth place overall on Saturday was a solid result. We had a much better qualifying session on Sunday. It's a shame that we unfortunately had to park the car in the race. ”

"Jules": "We have had an extremely successful weekend, with which I am more than just satisfied. With our new Porsche Cayman GT4 we have taken very big steps forward and have been significantly faster compared to the start of the season. Many thanks to the entire Frikadelli Racing Team and my driver colleague Hendrik von Danwitz. "