Photo shooting at Frikadelli-Racing


When there is a photo shooting at Frikadelli Racing, you should assume, they would not reinvent the wheel. But in this case you definitely have to think about that statement again. Because Teamsponsor ASA / Zerra Wheels has developed with the support of Frikadelli Racing a complete new wheel for Porsche cars. Particulary noteworthy is, that we here speak about center-locking wheels, which is a very special challenge for the producer of wheels.

Therefore the manufacturers decided to make the photo shooting for their new product catalog in the hometown of Frikadelli Racing. In addition to the fantastic sport cars also “Speedbee” Sabine Schmitz and Heinz Mueller, goalkeeper of FSV Mainz 05 (1st in the german football championsleague) joined the photo shooting.

The photos of that day can be viewed in the new catalog or on the manufactur´s website.