VLN 2018: Race 06 (September 1st)


Frikadelli Racing finished the sixth round of this year’s Endurance Championship Nürburgring (VLN) with a sixth place after a faultless and trouble-free race by Alex Müller (Rees, D) and team boss Klaus Abbelen (Barweiler, D). The sister car, driven by Felipe Laser (Leipzig, D) and Lance David Arnold (Duisburg, D), had to retire after 2.5 hours of the four-hour race. One hour into the race, Arnold had handed over the 911 GT3 R in fifth place to Laser. During the pit stop, however, the left rear wheel wasn’t completely tightened due to a damaged wheel gun. Consequently, the car suffered from serious vibrations that led to an unscheduled pit stop and a long repair. Laser resumed the race but was one lap down. With some fantastic lap times he worked his way up from 52nd to 24th position but was forced to retire the car with a consequential damage.